Trend Topics Every Designer Should Focus in 2019 for Web Design

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Why Web Design is important? 

Web site design is significant in light of the fact that it impacts how your target audience sees your brand. The impression you make on them can either get them to stay on your page and find out about your business or leave your page and swing to competition. 

Web Design Trends in 2019 

1. Glitch art

Glitch art is the method of using digital or analog errors for artistic goals. Glitch art achieves this artistic goals by either corrupting digital data or physically controlling electronic gadgets.

This trending form of art, glitch art, questions the traditional form of art therefore glitch art is highly popular with young web designers. As a resul, knowledge of glitch art is an important trend for web design in 2019. 

2. Chatbot

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software. You may recognize chatbot from websites which ask you “Is there something I can help you with?” when you enter them. A chatbot can reproduce a discussion with a client in natural language through informing applications, sites, portable applications or through the phone. Since technology is evolving, web designers should be aware of chatbots and know how to use them. 

3. Minimalist design

The word minimalist is used to define a lot of topics, even to define a way of life. This trend topic also has an impact on web design. Minimalist design is an are web designers should care about. Minimalist design trend topic is expressing a lot with simplicity. Minimalist design is important because it does not tire the audience and attracts them powerfully. 

4. Logo design  

Why logo design is important? Logo design is important because of the same reasons why web design is important. Your logo represents your brand’s identity. Business logo design is a significant instrument with regards to advancing  your brand’s services.

5. Typography

Typography is the art of masterminding type to make composed language clear, lucid, and engaging when shown. Typography can change the entire look and feel of a design. Therefore to have a better user experience, user perception, readability, and feel web designers should consider typography as an important web design element.

6. 3d illustration

Designers are looking to add depth and realism to graphics designed to blur the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds. ( Therefore 3d illustration can be a good advancement for your web design in the future. 

If you want to create a captivating website and attract your buyer-persona, you should update yourself with trend topics regarding web design in 2019. 

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