8 Tips For Editing Videos Like a Pro

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The importance of videos in content strategy is increasing day by day. Some might say, it has a vital role in new content strategies. More and more companies are planning on adding video to their digital marketing strategy in the next 12 months. When asked “What content distribution channels will you add in the next months?” marketers’ number one and two choice is YouTube and Facebook videos.

We’ve prepared 8 video editing tips to increase the amount of time your visitors spend on your site, and help you stay competitive in a cut-throat industry.

  • Best Camera Angle

Imagine you are in the same room with your audience, where would your audience be looking at during the different points of the talk? The answer to that question will help you select the best camera angle to reconstruct each moment and the correct camera angle will make your video more watchable.

  • Close-ups and Medium Shots

The close-up shots gets personal with the subject, that’s why close-ups and medium shots have stronge effects on your audience.

  • Speaker’s Body Language

Body language shows speaker’s thoughts and feelings, also the way speaker connects with the audience. Each speaker has their own rhythm, if you pay close attention to this, your video will look much more natural.

  • Focus on Words

When you came across a word that’s relevant to speaker’s main topic, you can focus on the word and highlight it. This makes them more memorable.

  • Multiple Camera Angle
  • Tell a Story

Story is everything when it comes to the video! You can get personal, show a step-by-step process or showcase your expertise to effectively tell the story of your brand.

  • Edit Mistakes

Errors and mistakes happen all the time, but showing them on the video makes it seem unprofessional. So mask these errors by cutting them out in the editing process.

  • Pause Editing

Working on a video, or any task actually, may prevent you from seeing errors or diminish the quality of your work. Therefore taking a break from editing can help you achieve the best quality.

By using these recommendations we provided, you can make your graphic animation needs on your editing process more efficient. Graphub simplifies graphic animation process and lightens your workflow!

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