5 Useful Youtube Channels for Graphic Design in 2019

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Why You Need to Catch Up With Trends in Graphic Design?

Designs help us understand our world, and trends make brands catch up with time and be updated. In order to have an up-to-date style to attract your target audience and do not bore your existing ones, you have to keep up with the trends. In 2019, almost any kind of information is available online and since design does not have strict rules, it is wise to follow people who are professionals with graphic designs. And watching Youtube channels is one of the easiest way to do it.

New Graphic Design Trends

Activism, augmented reality, and ultraviolet design was popular in 2018. What is trending in graphic design in 2019? A few trend topics from many are: 

  • 3D design and typography
  • Logo design
  • Motion graphics

They might be seen just like a few words but don’t ever underestimate them. The power of design is definitely a known fact. There is an another known fact, which is its trends are evolving constantly. Here are some Youtube channels that shares up-to-date videos and that you can follow to keep up with the developing end evolving trends.

5 Useful Youtube Channels for Graphic Design:

Spoon Graphics

Spoon Graphics is owned by Chris Spooner. His channel includes Photoshop & Illustrator design tutorials. Follow his channel to keep up with tips and tricks on photoshop and graphics. 

Youtube Followers- 206,566

Views Count- 10,322,264 

Video Count – 86


Kaukab Yaseen 

Kaukab Yaseen is working as a freelance graphic designer. In his Youtube channel he provides Illustrator & Photoshop tutorials for graphic design, logo design, 3D Design and Web Design. 

Youtube Followers- 108,462 

Views Count- 8,797,070 

Video Count – 190

Channel: //www.youtube.com/channel/UCHuIN5fqzPX9wpeowL3dOAg


TastyTuts is a channel to inspire designers about graphic design. TatsyTuts Youtube channel contains videos about how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. 

Youtube Followers- 266,878 

Views Count- 19,106,603 

Video Count – 248

Channel: //www.youtube.com/user/TastyTuts/featured

Mt. Mograph 

Mt. Mograph are a development team focused on making software for motion design. Mt. Mograph Youtube channel provides free education about both design and motion graphics. 

Youtube Followers- 236,206 

Views Count- 11,106,066 

Video Count – 97

Channel: //www.youtube.com/user/mtmograph/featured

Will Paterson 

Will Paterson is a Freelance Graphic Designer. He focuses on Logo Design and Brand Identity. In his channel he gives real life experiences which can be very useful. Follow his channel to be updated about logo design which is trending in 2019 and also learn from his past with brand identity. 

Youtube Followers- 255,003

Views Count- 14,386,199

Video Count – 386

Channel: //www.youtube.com/user/breakdesignsco/featured

Graphic designs and keeping up with its trends might take time. Would you like to minimize this time and ease your workflow. Just take a look around on our website. You will surely understand what we mean. ☺ 

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