10 Stage Shortcuts Viz Artist users must know


On our previous post we covered some scene tree-related shortcuts.

We collected some other stage-relateds Viz Artist  shortcuts that will help you to create animations faster.

Did you know all the listed shortcuts before? Please share your comments with us.

Zoom In-Out View

If you want to zoom in/out stage view so that is where you need zoom in/out shortcuts. a/A and s/S shortcuts does the job you need.

Play / Reverse Play Animation


Shift + Enter

Playing the animation is a part of animation process in general, this also applies to Viz Artist design workflow. By pressing Enter key animations plays forward, Shift + Enter key combination plays reverse the animation in the timeline.

Set Timeline Marker

We found this shortcut quite handy. Shortcut sets the timelinemarker to the nearest keyframe in stage.

Reverse Keyframe Order

Ctrl + r shortcut combination reverses the order of selected keyframes. This shortcut is a real time saver.

Jump to Next/Previous keyframe

Here is one another quite helpful shortcut. Tab selects the next keyframe, Shift + Tab selects the previous keyframe. If you didn’t know until now you Love it!

Scale A Part of Director

If there is a case that requires you to shorten a portion of your animation that is where you need this shortcut. This is a life save shortcut that saves you a lot of time when you work with an animated heavy project. Note this shortcut.

It allows you to pin 2 points on a directory by pressing t so you can scale the timeline.

Zoom In/Out Time Axis


x shortcut zooms in to the time axis of the selected animation. Shift + x fits the animation keyframes to the whole stage view.

Timeline Speed

Regular mouse move moves up-down frame numbers faster than where you use Ctrl + Left Mouse combination. So you check your animation preciously.

Switch to Another View

Ctrl + 2 shortcut switches to Animation View. Ctrl + 3 switches to Spline View and if you need to tweak splines of keyframes Ctrl + 4 is what you need.

Change Timeline Position

CTRL + Home shortcut sets the timeline position of a director to the start point. CTRL + End shortcut sets the timeline position the the last keyframe of the selected director.

We would love to hear the shortcuts that you often use in Viz Artist. Just comment below.

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