10 Shortcuts Viz Artist users must know

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When it comes to design, the time factor plays a big part that affects the quality of the output. The ability to do tasks in a shorter time is a must-skillset. Here is a list of useful Viz Artist shortcuts that will save you valuable time and are easy to use. Let’s get started…

Magic Move

Viz Artist Magic Move Shortcut

When we move a container to another group, the position of it often shifts. If we don’t want this, this is where you need Magic Move. Magic Move helps you to move the containers anywhere in the tree hierarchy without changing its position. Try it out. You will love it!.

New Container

Ctrl + Insert shortcut creates a new container above the selected container. One of the most useful shortcut. Ctrl + N could be a better alternative from the UX point of view.

Delete Container

Ctrl + Delete deletes selected containers.

Group Selected Container

Ctrl + g groups the selected group(s) in the tree. One of the most useful shortcuts for Viz Artist users.

Cut & Paste

Ctrl + X cuts the selected container. Ctrl + V key combination pastes containers from clipboard.

Merge Group

Ctrl + m shortcut merges the selected group. This shortcut is useful when you want to store the animated container as an object in the database.

Save Scene

Just like most of the other applications, Ctrl + S saves the scene.


CTRL+Z reverses the last action.

Copy + Paste

Ctrl + C copies the selected container to the clipboard. Ctrl + V key combination pastes the copied container. One of another shortcut in Viz Artist.

Copy Container

There is another shortcut in Viz Artist that copies a container. Left mouse click on container name and drag to copy an instance of the container we want.

We would love to hear the shortcuts that you often use in Viz Artist. Just comment below.

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